Saturday, June 9, 2007

Font Toggleing to Install AUmusicPort

Due to several questions in the posts:
I just confirmed the procedure to install AUmusicPort on an English Version Windows XP.

First, install Japanese font support from your windows CD.
The easiest way to do this is to:
1: go to start, control panel, Regional and Language options.
2: from there, choosing to enable Japanese will automaticly start the install process..
3: be ubergeek and do it any number of other ways you are more familiar with ;)

ok.. so..
From Regional and Language options,
1: assure nothing got jacked on the install.. so, check Languages tab, click on details, and make sure your input system is still US (or whatever your keyboard is)
2: Cancel out and go to Advanced.
3: here is where the fun is. Langage for Non-Unicode Programs... Set it to Japanese, and you will need to reboot.

Now, here is the rub (and thus the toggling bit..) you COULD leave it set to Japanese. This will have the effect of always making AU look right. The problem now is that EVERY PROGRAM YOU INSTALL WILL DEFAULT TO JAPANESE... yeah.. every thing you do after setting this will default.. even if English is an available option in a Unicoded application.

The problem with AuMP is that it is poorly Unicoded.. So, if you change the setting back to English, its jibberish again.. but if you leave it in Japanese, all your other programs (and most especially new installations) will be turning Japanese..

So, to avoid leaking Japanese onto every other program you use or install.. you need to set the setting BACK to English.

Thus, you need to toggle this when you are using Amp, and deal with a reboot.. SOMETIMES.. one you get to know where things are, you might be able to live with the partial jibberish..


  1. on a side not, how did you all find this page?

  2. PS Its Christmas in July!! (almost)

  3. Thanks for yor help! Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy. I followed your directions step by step, I got another error and babelfish (thank heavens babelfish exist) said it is another connectivity error, the help doc from au suggested to erase both the au w51s modem and "connection cable between 2 computers" so I did, turned off and on the keitai (I got used to that procedure... I used to work at a call center for sprint and that was always part of the basic troubleshooting) and the aMP showed up, asking me for the profile name and keitai password, I typed them and suddenly Norton Internet Security asked for permission for the aMP to connect to internet, accepted and after that there was a connectivity error again; the solution? disable norton, I know it's a bit risky but finally could open the music port, now I can transfer the songs with kanji/kana titles without being distorted! So I noticed the main problem I had was not the aMP itself, it was the conflict between program languages and that for some reason aMP needs to connect to internet to confirm the keitai password... About the aMP english version I haven't checked yet, I'll try it later, thanks for posting that info. I found your blog when checking info about japanese mobile phones, I was really interested on the w42s but when I arrived here it was not on the stores anymore, I could only find the w51s, it's not bad, I can play music with the included earphones (which, by the way, are the same as the ones included in the w42s); so I found some info on... engadget I think, and there was a post mentioning this blog. Again, Thanks A Lot For Your Help!