Thursday, September 6, 2007

Use auMusicPort to load music

I have the preliminary write up for loading music. Please ask any questions, and make corrections. I have not included pictures, but can add them in if anything is unclear.

Music Library Primary Functions

First, open auMusicPort.From the main screen, select Music Library.
There are four icons on the far left. Their function is as follows:

1: Picture of a PC with a play arrow in the monitor - Shows the songs currently in your 'PC play list'. Play your tunes from the pc or phone here.
2: Phone and PC with two directional arrows - Sync function to load songs to and from the phone
3: papers with a pencil on them - I have no clue.. perhaps some sort of tag editor or viewer or rating thing.. whatever, dont need it! ;)
4: Musical Note, an arrow, and a PC - File importing.

Step 1: Importing Music

Click on File import (music note and PC). You will see a spreadsheet. Above this you see the import functions.

Looking at the import features: First is a CD with a drop down bar. You can rip right from a CD drive. The drop down selects which drive to rip from. It only shows valid music CDs in the drop down.
Below that is a file folder, and a LONG button. Click the button. You can now point to a specific file, or a folder. If you point to a folder, it will recurse all sub folders within that folder.
Ok, so you have chosen either a CD or a music folder.

CD: your cd will be ripped, and the file names will appear in the spreadsheet with a rip progress bar.

Folder: you will be prompted with a popup box. You are given a few options. The default selection is ALL known file types. the other options or for such options as WAV, WMA or M4A. It's important (and sad) to note here that MP3 files are NOT on the list. Unfortunately AMP only reads those three file types. You will have to convert your mp3s to WMA, or use Sonic Stage to convert them and then load to a M2 card. :( booo hiss..The top section of the popup allows the file type selection (default to all) while the bottom section allows you to choose Scan Whole System, or In a folder only. It should be pretty obvious to you how to use this function.
Left button is Ok, right is Cancel

So, hitting ok will default to all. Now all files in the folder are shown in the spreadsheet.
Its important to note that amp is a bit slow on this process.. watch progress bar. I strongly advise you point to a folder only, as the full scan initially will take FOREVER and grab all those silly sounds from the OS...

Now that you have a list, you can choose what to convert to phone format. Throw check boxes in the songs you want, using shift to select groups at a time.

Finally click the large square button with the CD icon and down arrow. You will now see progress percentage as the files are converted. When everything is 100%, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Uploading

Your tune is now in the PC library. You can even play it by clicking on the first large icon on the left (PC with a play button). Go ahead and check the quality.

When you are ready to transfer, click the icon of the phone and PC.You now have two spreadsheets. The top is your PC library, the bottom is the phone library (likely empty at first).
Highlight the songs from the top list you wish to transfer. You can use Shift and Ctrl click options to highlight groups.

Between the two lists, are 4 buttons. One has a down arrow and Japanese, then two with Japanese, then one with an UP arrow and PC.
The first and the last should be pretty obvious. The third is "Resetsuto" Im not sure what number two does, but I have had good luck with number on (down arrow) and number two for loading songs to the phone.

You can now disconnect the phone and find the music either in the phone memory, or the memory card (be it microSD or M2). The Default location is the memory card when installed.

Your music will play from either folder via the Music Menu. You can also move the songs to the other memory area from the normal file menu, and they will be found again when you re-open the Music Menue.


  1. Have you found any way to put music onto the W52S with a mac? I just picked up my phone today, and I'm pretty bummed that all of the programs that come on the CD aren't compatible with pre-intel based Macs.

  2. You can now load MP3 directly onto the AU Music Port without first having to convert it to supported format. Use the following link -

    Remember to copy the exe at C:\Program Files\KDDI\auMusicPort and then execute it.

    The search in AU music port will also show the MP3 files.


  3. thanks for the link!!! that rawks

    Its important to note, you must update online to verson 3.2...thus some or all of the translation files from this site will no longer function.

  4. Cowise: I am playing with a program called Switch.. its available for PC and MAC free... once I have a way to properly convert the files to a phone playable format, I'll let you know.

  5. Hey, is there any hints on how to get auMusicPort working on Windows Vista? I found the Vista compatible version, but all the texts are garbled (question marks everywhere). Anyway. I managed to install it, but when I'm trying to connect to phone it throws in an error message that's short and then it crashes and on second attempt it apparently tries to connect, but crashes again.

    It says in the phone that it's "connecting", but just stays there. Any hints? I'd really like to move my stuff out of there every now and then and wouldn't like to consent to moving them onto memory stick and from there on to computer.

  6. Bayli - The questionmarks everywhere indicates that you do not have multi-language support installed. I am not sure how to do this on Vista. But, it is generally pretty easy. Get into your settings or control panel (or whatever vista calls it these days). Look for Regional and Language settings.
    Usually under Advanced tab, you will see something that says "Support for Non-unicoded programs" or some such.. enable it, and set it to Japanese.
    The problem is that AMP was not well written. It has no Unicode support (for special charactors to be recognized by non native OS) Essentially, AMP assumes you are on a japanese machine.

    Once you have that, you could attempt to get me a screen shot of the error?

    The typical startup error is not having the phone and software matched.. a popup asks for user data and a passcode to the phone.
    Your error sounds slightly different.. I need an image of the japanese text...

  7. Could you tell me how I can transfer music just through my M2 card? I am using sonicstage but then when the files are on my phone, it says it cannot play my ATRAC file. Do you need auMusicPort to put songs on the w52s cause I am also having the same problems like bayli?

  8. Copied from the W42S Blog:

    5: Install SonicStage English version and reboot.
    6: At this point, plug in your phone, and make sure it comes up as a USB drive (choose MassStorage mode on the phone)

    In my case, I have Music Port installed as well, so you have to tell it to quite that application.

    7: Run SonicStage. It should start up with two panels, the one on the right called “au W42S (drive#)”
    EDIT: it may start with only on panel untill you get everything set up for the phone!
    (correction it would say au W52S (drive#)"

    8: In SS, go to Tools/Options/Transfer and you should see:
    Memory Stick/Network Walkman/Portable IC Audio Player

    Choose it and hit Transfer Settings

    9: Select ATRAC3 transfer and OK out of both dialogs.

    You are now ready to put some tunes in your phone. Remember that SS must convert the files to a format the phone can read. Conversion doesn’t take that long.

    Playing your tunes:
    On the phone, go to the Memory Stick folder, then Music folder.

    Playing this way does not use the ‘player’ functionality of the phone. So, the Jog wheel and screen modes don’t work. Its sort of a let down that those features only work via downloaded music from AU or perhaps loaded with auMusicPort.

  9. Hey,

    Everything works quite well now, importing music and stuff. However, I'd like to put some games in there too and I heard I could find some free stuff from Yahoo Japan.

    I'm still sort of beginner in reading Japanese so I can't really surf there too well. I'd also like to find out how to move games (Java MIDP and those other software stuff) to the mobile. Have you figured these out yet? Just moving .cab doesn't work. There's a "open source software player" in the software list, but I can't figure it out.

  10. Hi. One question: I borrowed the M2 from a friend (he also owns a W52S) and put it into my W52S. But I find that I cannot play/copy the audio files in the M2 using my phone. I know that this is somehow tied to LISMO. Is there any way/hack I can get around this?


  11. Jimmy.. sure as shit you are right :( Copy is disabled on any file within the LISMO folder. Im certain it has to do with licensing controls. If you ask any AU tech they will tell you that the only way to even GET songs is via LISMO online. total BS..

    Anyway, I cant think of anything.
    I tried copying the file from the music folder. Unfortunately during transfer, something happens to it.. looses track names which get put in a manifest file, and it gets converted yet again. I tried copying it to the PC in/out folder and then copying back as a music file and that wont work. :(
    You dont even have the option of putting them into the PC folder, and then copying them back out.

  12. Hey em, you know of anyway to make ringtones or switch the songs uploaded into ringtones? Don't want to spend any money if I don't have to.

    Thanks for the blog! It was a real help on uploading.

  13. Oh and one more thing, I just emailed a pdf file from my home computer and the w52s got it and displayed it with no problems.

  14. MRE, your posts were my way to success with the old 42s, but like you I have upgraded to the 52s, however, no matter how hard I try I Cannot get AMP into Windows Vista OS, is there anyway you know of to install or find the Vista vs? Also if you can find someway to use Sonicstage with SD mem that would be awesome too, I know you can figure it out!

  15. SMG,
    I'm glad that I could be of help in the past.
    Does "uninstal Vista an run XP!" count as a solution?! heh. I have not used Vista at all. Im not sure why it would not install. Can you possibly give me some screen captures of any error windows you get while attempting install? (use the print screen key to capture the image, then open a paint program and paste the capture in, then save and email me at ******)

    Sonic Stage: yeah I would LOVE tp be able to dump data from Sonic Stage and Image Converter right to an SD card.. its just not possible without actually hacking the software. Its sad too. I have the duogate card on the old phone, and loved SS.. but didnt see the point in paying twice the price per megabyte for a card for the 52s. sigh.

  16. This might help:

    It is the necessary USB driver for the phone. Download and install this FIRST.. then attempt to connect to the phone and browse the memory stick contents. (likely empty, but it will be obvious that it works or not.)
    If you pass this stage, THEN attempt to install AMP.

    Worst case scenario, you can AT LEAST get photos off the phone and load converted (Image Converter) movies ONTO the phone. We just need to solve the music problem. Honestly, if not for loading music (booo sonic stage for not working with SD cards) I would never use AMP.

  17. Can you translate the mp3 patch instructions to english for us????

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