Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ITTROV - More on the build

This is the sub cage with all of the pumps installed. Warning: a lot of these photos are out of order.

I've been doing a lot of 'coding' lately. I use air quotes only when speaking of the VB side application. :) The code in the sub is written in C.

Ronnie does more soldering. On the page you can see the schematics for the motor control circuits.

About to test the first stage of the electronics. The motor control circuit is built up and those pumps are about to get wet.

Too bad it didn't work! The pumps stayed on and we had no control whatsoever. We built up a test circuit on a breadboard and had the same results. Turned out two of the wires were reversed on all of the circuits. After about 30 minutes of repairs, it worked perfect.

A decent closeup of the electronics inside the case. The pump wires will come in through the brass fittings on the sides. Tubing will be siliconed around the wires to keep out water.

In this shot, the pic micro isnt installed yet.

Gratuitous body shot!

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