Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ITTROV - Presentation day

Just a note, all posts in this blog are reverse chronological order. (i.e. the first post is on the bottom, with the newest posts on top. So, you see the end results before seeing how it got built.)

The photos of each post are not in any particular order.

On to the presentation day photo-book:

This would be the final design of the sub. We put some pretty stickers made by Tom to accent it. Notice the umbrella on the electronics case (my favorite!)

The Case is open to demonstrate easy access to the electronics. The frame pops apart so that the top (electronics) and bottom (thrusters) could be layed side by side.

Were about to start, and apparently in good spirits.

I (middle) did the opening presentation, Tom (sitting) presented the mechanical design, Ronnie (left) spoke about the electronics, I finished up with software, and Tom came back to talk about the challenges we met, the ones we didn't, and what could be done to correct the problems. We all spoke about enhancements that could be made.

After that, it was up to judge questions and a short demonstration.

Mr Toussant looks on as I set up the demonstration.

I'm talking about software design here. Its hard to make a powerpoint about software code. So instead, I left up Ronnies electronics slide, and was able to use it to describe how the software in the PIC interfaced with the outside world.

I suppose this is part of the post presentation demonstration.

The team (L to R): Tom Gros, Emery Premeaux (me), Ronnie Trinh, and instructor Mr. Toussant.

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